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Why Exactly Can't Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Both new and experienced owners alike know that chocolate is bad news for any pooch. Many of us are simply told this fact but are never fully explained why our dogs are so vulnerable to this tasty treat. The answer lies in theobromine. This compound is easy for humans to metabolize, but for dogs, it’s the opposite. Theobromine is metabolized slowly in a dog's system, and as a result, the compound can build up to toxic levels. Continue below to learn more about chocolate toxicity in dogs. 


Can you measure how deadly a piece of chocolate will be for your dog? The answer lies in three parts: the type of chocolate your pet has consumed, the amount of chocolate, and the size of your dog. 


Cocoa and baker’s chocolate are considered most deadly, followed by dark, milk, and white chocolate. A big dog who eats a small portion of chocolate can be expected to develop minor symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting. However, if a tiny dog eats a large amount of chocolate, they will experience chocolate toxicity. Some of the symptoms of chocolate toxicity include:


  • Seizures 
  • Heart attack 
  • Unusual tremors 
  • Internal bleeding 


We’ll Handle Your Pet Emergency at Murray Hill Pet Hospital

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