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What To Do When Your New Puppy Won’t Eat

One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is take care of their diet. However, if your puppy isn’t eating try these tips:


1. Make sure your puppy is getting the right nutrition for their age and breed.

Nutrition is extremely important for growing puppies. If your puppy isn't getting the right nutrition, it can be very hard for them to eat. Also, don't always feed them foods that aren't healthy for them. It's important that you research what types of food are best for your puppy and then stick with it.

You should also feed your puppies 3-4 small meals a day. This helps their body stay healthy and it also makes it easier for them to eat.


2. Offer treats between meals.

If your puppy is still refusing to eat, try offering them dog treats between meals as a way to encourage them to eat the next meal they're offered. This will help your puppy associate the treats with food and begin to develop a healthy appetite. But of course, don't give too many treats as it will cause your puppy to gain weight.

3. Take them on walks and play with them outside of meal times.

A tired puppy is usually more willing to eat their next meal, so take them on walks and play with them outside of mealtimes when possible! This will help them burn off some energy and make them less likely to sleep through meal time as well!


4. If all else fails, call the vet!

If your puppy hasn't been eating for a few days and you're worried about it, contact your vet. They can check your puppy over to make sure they aren't sick or injured and give them a thorough examination to see if anything is wrong. If your puppy has a health condition that is causing their lack of appetite, a veterinarian will be able to diagnose the problem so you can treat them accordingly.


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