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Surgery & Orthopedic Pet Care in Manhattan

Pets are beloved additions to any family, and the last thing a pet parent wants to see is their companion unconscious on the operating table. It’s normal to feel this apprehension as there are plenty of risks associated with a surgical intervention that can bring beads of nervous sweat to any brow. 


That’s why Murray Hill Pet Hospital is here to help. Our pet hospital is run by a talented and animal-loving staff that is committed to your pet’s health and wellbeing -- no matter the situation or circumstance. 


About Our Surgical Services

There are an endless amount of reasons as to why a pet may need surgery. Whether it is a one-time or routine operation - our team is prepared to address the issue. In addition to soft-tissue operations, we also provide expert orthopedic surgery to correct and heal broken or fractured bones. 


If your pet requires loving and expert surgical services - look no further than Murray Hill Pet Hospital where you can rest easy knowing your pet is in professional hands. 

We’ll Tend to All Your Pet’s Surgical and Orthopedic Care at Murray Hill Pet Hospital 

If your pet requires surgical care, look no further than Murray Hill Pet Hospital. We are a full-service veterinary hospital fully equipped to assess and heal your pet’s maladies -- no matter how complicated. For more information, please call or visit us today for more information about our surgical services.


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If you’re looking for excellent customer service and a trustworthy veterinarian in New York,

Murray Hill Pet Hospital is the place to be.

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