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How to Tell if You’re Ready for a Cat


Being a cat owner can be one of the most fulfilling things in life. Having a beloved pet to greet you each and every day when you come home from work is an incredible feeling. If you’ve had inklings of wanting to get a cat, then here are a few signs that you just might be ready for one:


  • You’re responsible: Taking care of a cat is quite a bit of responsibility! It’s essentially taking care of a baby in that you need to make sure the cat’s needs are taken care of first and foremost. That means that your cat is fed at the appropriate times each day, drinks clean water, has a healthy environment to sleep in, and remains healthy and happy. You may have to postpone or set aside prior commitment if your cat needs you. Your cat relies on you for everything and you need to be there for them. 



  • You’re ready for commitment: Indoor cats tend to live up to 14 years of age. That means that your decision to get a cat is a long-term one and needs to be thought of as such. Make sure that you are ready for that sort of long-term commitment to your furry friend. You two will be buddies for years on end so take your time to plan out what your lifestyle and daily schedule will look like before getting a cat. 



  • You’re ready to unconditionally love your cat: Cats are amazing creatures and will love you in a way that no other animal can. In return, you will have to love it back! The bond that you can develop with your cat is special and the best ingredient to strengthen that bond is unconditional love. 


We’re Here to Take Care of Your Cat

Murray Hill Pet Hospital is a full-service animal care center. This means that we provide care all the way from generalized wellness care to emergency treatment. Regardless of the need or issue that your best friend is experiencing, we’re here to help them. Contact us if you have any questions about preparing for a cat, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for your new furry friend!

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