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How To Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

Preparing for the holiday festivities and wondering about how you can keep your furry friend safe? Whether it’s your pet’s first holiday or their tenth, every responsible pet owner has their pet’s safety in the back of their mind while they plan out their holidays. In this article, you'll learn about how to keep your pets safe during the holidays and what you need to be doing to protect them. After knowing this information, you can rest easy and enjoy another worry-free vacation.


Accident Prevention

It doesn't hurt to be extra safe during the holiday season. The best way to keep your pets safe from holiday hazards is by preventing them from hurting themselves. When hanging up decorations for your home, please make sure the small ones they can swallow and choke on are out of their reach. Take note of everything new you introduce into their environment and try to make it safe for them to explore.



The holiday season is often quite confusing for your pets. For starters, their environment often changes with decorations being placed around them. In some cases, you may even have guests over during the holidays, which is another factor your pet has to get used to. 

Your pet will rightfully get curious and start exploring with so many new things happening around them. No matter how behaved your pet may be, it’s always a good idea to supervise them while they get used to their surroundings. That way, you can accompany them to let them know what’s safe and stop them from any potentially dangerous activities.



Preparation also plays a big part in keeping your pets safe during the holidays. The more time they have to get used to everything that’s happening, the safer they will be. Remember, you can never be too prepared when talking about your precious animal companion’s safety.

You can start by introducing your pet to the decorations you put up. Doing this will give them less curiosity and temptation to play with or ingest these decorations. Keeping your pet on a strict diet long before the holiday season also helps as it will let them know they won't be getting any of your holiday food which can be pretty dangerous for them.


Keeping Your Pets Safe During The Holidays With Murray Hill Pet Hospital

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