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Finding A Reliable Veterinarian in Manhattan


An important aspect of being a responsible pet owner is knowing who to turn to for your pet’s health needs. A quick online search for vets in the Manhattan area will yield an overwhelming number of results. Therefore, understanding the most critical factors to look for when it comes to selecting a veterinarian will help you filter for the best vets for your pet. 


Choose a clinic that offers a variety of services

One of the most important things you should screen for when selecting a vet is finding hospitals that offer a variety of services such as:

  • Wellness care which provides a comprehensive and holistic view to your pet’s health
  • Dental care which can be important in treating gum disease such as gingivitis and clearing up any plaque or tartar that can lead to additional issues later in your pet’s life
  • Emergency care that can be important if your pet experiences difficulty breathing, ingests poison, bleeds, has seizures, fractures, lameness, diarrhea, or any other major reason for concern that requires immediate attention
  • Surgery and orthopedics for more advanced cases and situations or for common situations such as spay and neuter

A hospital that offers multiple solutions for your pet’s overall health needs will be convenient for both you and your pet. An added bonus is that the veterinarian will quickly grow to understand your pet’s specific needs since all pets require a tailored approach to their health.  


Select a clinic with an experienced and reputable team

You want your pet to get care from the most talented and experienced team that you can find and afford. The best way to find a good hospital team is by scheduling a visit and meeting with the doctor. Dr. Lauridia at Murray Hill Pet Hospital has over 15 years of experience in the veterinary field and has seen and treated a wide variety of different animals and can give your pet high-quality care to ensure your pet’s health for the long term. 

Visit Murray Hill Pet Hospital In Manhattan

Murray Hill Pet Hospital is a full-service animal care center. Our goal is to provide all of the care our patients need in one convenient location, so they don’t have to worry about referrals. We provide all the care your pet needs under one roof. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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