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Cancer in Dogs: Treatment Options for Your Companion

Cancer isn’t a word that you want to hear from your veterinarian when you go for your dog’s regular check-ups. You want to think about long walks, tasty treats, and fun toys for your dog and not the possible threat of cancer hanging over their head. 


Cancer is a very serious disease that can affect any type of animal. When an animal has cancer, it refers to the abnormal growth of cells. The cells grow out of control and form tumors that can continue to spread throughout the body. 


Although there are many different types of cancer, in dogs, it is most frequently found in the skin, liver, and mammary systems. These types of cancer are typically hard to treat and may even be fatal if they aren’t discovered until later stages. If you notice signs that your dog might be suffering from this disease, contact your veterinarian right away.


Chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments are options if your dog has been diagnosed with cancer. These treatments are typically used in addition to surgery or as part of a course of treatment for advanced-stage cancers.


Diet and exercise will also play an important role in the recovery process. It is important to feed your dog a healthy diet with plenty of nutrients, so it can combat the effects of chemotherapy and speed up healing time. Exercise will allow your dog to regain optimum physical fitness and keep stress levels at bay while it heals from surgery or completes other treatments.


One way to identify cancer in dogs is to watch for signs that may include weight loss, vomiting, decreased appetite, lethargy, and more. If you notice these or any other symptoms, it’s important to act proactively and get the dog seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. A good veterinarian will be able to perform tests to determine if your dog indeed has cancer. With time and effective treatment, your dog can become cancer-free again!


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